Copy device of HDD

This device developed for the personal computer manufacturers. Functionally it is something which makes the duplication of the built-in hard disk of the pre-installation personal computer. The contents of a 3.5” (or 2.5”) master HDD driver can be copied into seven sets of HDDs simultaneous in exactly the same way including OS.

Rotary Encoder

This encoder is uninhabited operation equipment and this product is developed for robots. It is a multi rotating an absolute encoder that uses the MR (magnetic) sensor, and there is a feature to output absolute values of A phase, B phase and Z phase by using RS485. Since the multi-rotation position at the time of a power failure can also be grasped by battery backup, it is the design which can perform automatic operation at the time of power failure recovery.

Exclusive use LSI for Rotary Encoders

This is a LSI which formed the circuit of a rotary encoder into single-chip. It consists of an amplifier of position detection element and the waveform shaping circuit etc. and output the A phase, B phase and Z phase. We developed this LSI and also supply the OEM of this LSI.

Automatic Characteristics Evaluation Equipment of Rotary Encoder

This equipment consists of an encoder drive unit, measuring instrument, and a personal computer. A maximum of eight sets of rotary encoders can be connected and analogue signal measurement and A phase, B phase, and Z phase of digital output signal measurement does automatically. It can perform the statistical analysis of logging data.

Battery Testing Equipment for Cellular Phones

Developed this equipment as a request from cellular phones company. Decade ago cellular phones batteries were nickel-cadmium or nickel-hydroid and there were many complaints from customers about memory effects. As a result most batteries of the cellular phones had become a lithium ion battery. Customer’s complaints about the memory effect can be avoided by optimizing the electrical charge and discharge of the battery. This equipment performs the quality judging of a battery at electrical charge and discharge time. Two or more batteries can be inspects simultaneously by distinguishing the battery kind of cellular phones automatically. It is the design which can be installed in a cellular phones selling store.

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Quarts Hydrometer

This is the equipment which adapting the change of frequency with the mechanical load of the crystal oscillator. A crystal oscillator is dipped into liquid and the specific gravity and the degree of viscosity of the liquid is measured from the change of pitch.

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Sensor for Inspect the Paper Size

This is the sensor in order to identify the size of the copy paper of the large-sized high-speed color copy machine automatically. It is used in order to decide the scale (A3 or less) and the copy direction of copy paper automatically.

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Microwave Electric Power Supply Experimental Equipment

Developed this equipment as a request from Power Reactor and Nuclear Fuel Development Corporation (reality and nuclear fuel recycling mechanism). Person can go around the nuclear reactor for the purpose of maintenance. However, it is not possible to use same person to do the maintenance several times due to the amount of radiation exposure is large. Therefore, there was an idea to use a robot for this purpose. But power supply wire to the robot becomes damaged by the gamma rays. As a result it turns into the method of transmission of power supply wirelessly. But it makes difficult in practical use rather than experimentally.

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Sorting Device of Radish

Developed this equipment as a request from Kanagawa National Research Institute of Agriculture. This equipment measures the weight of radish and transport to the specified place by using standard and non-standard 6 stages. There is a feature, which does not take place when storing in addition to the time of shipment of radish because it is a compact design.

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Radio Wave Type Remote Control

This is a device developed for the shutter manufacturer. It is possible to open and close the garage shutters and the store shutters by remote control without wiring. A small radio wave is used and it is possible to operate remote controller and installation equipment by inputting the password to the remote controller.

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Safety Control System for Fire-Fighting Training Institution

This is a safety management system in "dark smoke heat training institution" being granted to the fire-fighting education and training center in Beijing in China by official development assistance (ODA) of Japan. This "dark smoke heat training institution" is an institution for life saving training of the fire site, and it composed of smoke generation furnace and the hot wind generator equipment. Therefore actual fire site can be reproduced.
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Inspection and Data Logging System for Wireless Communication

Developed this system for examine the specified low power radio station of a 400MHz band, and consists of three kinds of inspection stages, “Main tranciever board inspection", "Sub tranciever board inspection", and " Combination inspection.". These three kinds of inspection stages are connected with LAN.
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Automatic Ventilator for Car

Lot of contaminants contained exhaust gas will generate to the air when a car accelerate on slope or traffic. This will lost the comfort and occur bad influence on health. Automatic ventilator is place to keep the comfort of the passenger’s space in the car. Fresh air is introduced by intercepting the polluted air and polluted air switches to bashful circulation without any consideration of driver.
The Hydrocarbon gas sensor and the NOx gas sensor are used to detect the exterior air of the car. Other sensor is used to detect the tobacco smell and the body odor etc. interior air of the car. Microprocessor contained in that equipment controlled the disregard level of each sensor, opening and shutting down of the damper and rotation of fan.

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Distance Detection Application using MR Sensor


Hard Disk copy device


Safety Control System for Fire-Fighting


IDE HDD UDMA33/66/100 Controller chip


IDE HDD Tester Unit