We are continuously innovating to offer the modern optimal application design in advanced Hardware, Software and Sensing technologies.  
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   President's Message

In 1987, our company was established as a development type enterprise that aimed at the sensing solutions that united to sensing with data processing by MPU, and magnetic absolute encoder was introduced as a new product. Furthermore, offered the equipments corresponding to various applications to the development consignment place with enhancing technological areas such as hardware, software, and an intelligent sensor.

Lately, it came to the point of adding the development design of analog IC to line-up anew. As a result, it is convinced that it can satisfy the demand of all the clients present by offering the development design in a technological area where digital and the analog circuits are wider.

Further effort is to fulfill the expectation of everybody under the corporate motto “Pioneers in Embedded Applications Designing”. We look forward to use the technologies of our company.

Representative Director
Akimoto Hideo